LegalInnovate is a family of brands developed to bring the legal industry and the technology sector together. Our aim is to encourage innovation and ultimately transform the way legal services are delivered. We do this through an integrated approach of education, connection to resources, and brand building to support legal teams across firms and organisations.


LawFest is the opportunity to learn, connect, establish relationships, and discover technology that matters to you and your business. We explore how to transform the practice of law and provide practical advice that you can take back to your organisation. The conference is held in Auckland each year with over 250+ attendees, and over 25 incredible speakers. It is the legal technology event of the year you do not want to miss.

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The LegalTechHub is the most comprehensive platform to discover technology and innovative businesses specialising in the legal market in New Zealand. You'll find events, learn about the latest trends in legal tech, read other's innovation stories, find specialist technology providers to the legal market and so much more. The LegalTechHub is your go-to place to find innovative solutions for your organisation.

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LegalMarketer is an experienced and creative digital marketing team specialising in servicing law firms. With a team of writers, graphic designers, videographers, and photographers they create amazing content aligned with your brand persona and voice.

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E-Discovery Consulting provides independent eDiscovery and legal technology advice for lawyers and law firms. Whether it be an investigation or litigation, we can manage the entire eDiscovery process or advise on any aspect of it. We provide independent advice on the tools and practices that can assist law firms or organisations conduct eDiscovery efficiently and cost effectively.

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