We help lawyers and their organisations successfully innovate to improve the way they deliver legal services now and into the future.

In a rapidly changing market, where there is so much noise around legal innovation and a plethora of shiny toys, it can be difficult to know what to do, where to start or how to stay ahead of the game

We help you understand what’s going on, what’s available and find the right solutions. We challenge your thinking and provide a fresh perspective to help you leverage technology. Together, we’ll navigate challenges and guide you along the pathway to achieving a successful outcome that delights your clients, staff and bottom line.

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Andrew KingLegal Innovate

Who we are

Legal Innovate was founded by Andrew King to help New Zealand lawyers and their organisations successfully innovate by effectively leveraging technology.

Andrew has unparalleled knowledge and deep expertise in the NZ legal + tech market, gained over 20+ years working with leading companies in New Zealand and globally.

Legal Innovate brands include LawFest, LegalTech Hub and E-Discovery Consulting.

Over the past 10 years, Legal Innovate has helped 1,000+ lawyers, 177 law firms and 71 in-house legal teams in New Zealand discover how to successfully improve the way they deliver legal services and effectively deploy technology.

We pride ourselves on providing expert, objective advice and support to find and implement the most effective solutions to achieve your outcomes. We are vendor-agnostic and do not sell any products.


LawFest is the opportunity to learn, connect, establish relationships, and discover technology that matters to you and your business. We explore how to transform the practice of law and provide practical advice that you can take back to your organisation. The conference is held in Auckland each year with over 250+ attendees, and over 25 incredible speakers. It is the legal technology event of the year you do not want to miss.

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The LegalTech Hub is your go to resource for legal tech in New Zealand! Discover resources and legal tech solutions to help you innovate and improve the way you deliver legal services now and into the future. It is the most comprehensive platform to find technology and innovative businesses specialising in the legal market in New Zealand.

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E-Discovery Consulting provides independent advice on any aspect of the discovery process, helping clients meet their legal obligations and the practical discovery requirements – from the start to finish of the process.

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